Land O Lakes® Extra Creamy Salted Butter, 1 lb in 4 Sticks

Per Tbsp: 110 calories. Gluten free. Farmer Owned. European style. 82% butterfat. All Together Better: We are proud to be farmer-owned because we share a belief that together we are better 100 years later and 1700+ dairy farmers strong, we still believe working side-by-side makes us, and our butter better. Made with pasteurized sweet cream. First quality. Measurements: 1 stick = 1/2 cup. 1 lb = 2 cups. USDA US Grade AA when graded packed under inspection of the US Dept. of Agriculture officially graded. (at) Smartlabel. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. Twitter. For recipes and our story visit us (at) Comments? 1-800-328-4155

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