Pillsbury.Filled Crescent Apple 8 Count

Add a sweet twist to your weekend brunch with the home-baked goodness of Pillsbury Filled Crescent Rolls. You'll enjoy the familiar flakiness and fluffiness of Pillsbury crescents paired with the warm apple filling and decadent icing. If you like apple turnovers, then you'll love these rolls! Filled Crescents are also great to keep on hand as an easy and fun activity to do together with kids; no extra ingredients or measuring is required. Simply fill each triangle of dough with apple filling, bake according to package directions and drizzle with icing. Looking for more meal ideas? Choose from dozens of Pillsbury recipes, including classic crowd-pleasing appetizers and easy everyday favorites, to find a new way to enjoy Pillsbury crescent rolls any day of the week. Imagine the memories you’ll make.

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