Crosse & Blackwell Plum Pudding 14 oz

Since 1706. An irresistibly rich, spicy and flavorful specialty gourmet dessert - ready in minutes! Why is Plum Pudding called Plum Pudding - when there are no plums in it? In the 17th century, raisins and other fruits were referred to as plums. How did Plum Pudding originate? Plum Pudding originated in the 14th century as porridge and was eaten during holiday festivities. By 1595 it evolved into Plum Pudding, having been thickened with eggs, breadcrumbs and dried fruit. Just as it became the customary holiday dessert, the Puritans banned it in 1664 because they thought it was too sinfully rich. By Victorian times holiday puddings were similar to our English-style Plum Pudding. They were traditionally brought to the table with a thick and creamy hard sauce. We recommend our Crosse & Blackwell Brandied Hard Sauce. Enjoy your taste of English tradition with a specialty Crosse & Blackwell Plum Pudding. An irresistibly rich, spicy and flavorful dessert to complement your holidays, special dinner or a surprise family dessert for any day of the week!

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