Cocktail Artist Margarita Mix

Made with natural juice from concentrate & pure cane sugar. The glass is your canvas. Inspired by Tipsy Bartender - Skyy John, host & creator. Meet the Artist: Hi I'm Skyy, host & creator of tipsy bartender. We specialize in sharing fun, creative cocktail videos to make your next party a huge hit. I started Tipsy Bartender in 2010 after stints as a soldier, banker, fisherman, comedian, actor & finally a bartender. Now it's the largest social media gathering of cocktail enthusiasts anywhere in the world. Favorite Cocktail Mix: The mix I choose to develop is the margarita because it's great for any occasion. If you want an easy way to make really good margarita, you need this mix! Skyy John - Los Angeles, CA. Be a cocktail artist. Elevate your home bartending experience. Facebook. Instagram. YouTube. Twitter. Learn more at

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