Johnson's Cotton Swabs, Pure Cotton 525 Ea

Our 100% pure, high quality cotton has just the right combination of softness and strength. Made with the No. 1 premium grade of cotton, Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs feel extra soft on delicate skin making them ideal for Beauty and Baby Care. And the absorption and durability of Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs make them a great tool for various uses around the household. Here are some ways you can use Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs: Beauty care: The ultra-gentle soft cotton on all sides of a Johnson's Pure Cotton Swab help apply and blend make-up with delicate precision; The soft, moldable tip of a Johnson's Pure Cotton Swab makes it easy to precisely apply your favorite make-up remover and take care of mascara and lipstick smudges. Baby care: Use the thick, cushiony soft premium cotton of Johnson’s Pure Cotton Swabs to delicately care for baby's umbilical cord area, and gently cleanse between baby's toes, baby's outer ear, and the skin folds at baby's neck and thighs. Crafts & household tasks: The durable, spun cotton on Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs make them great disposable paintbrushes for art or household projects. Use the shapeable soft cotton tip of Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs to apply and smooth glue. The flexible slick and absorbent cotton tip make Johnson's Pure Cotton Swabs great for cleaning and dusting hard to reach places like electronic equipment, musical instruments, and kitchen and bathroom crevices. Cotton grown and processed in USA.

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