Clear coat safe! Renews paint color and shine. Restores dazzling, mirror bright shine. Removes minor scratches and haze. Shine lasts up to 12 months. Goes on fast, wipes off easy. Renew your car's paint finish and keep it looking new with KIT Carnuba Car Wax. Kit brings back that dazzling, mirror bright shine. And Kit's exclusive micropolishing agents remove scratches and haze to make paint finishes look like new. Kit is clear coat safe and restores all painted or metallic surfaces. Kit's pure Brazilian Carnuba Wax keeps your car's finish looking new for up to 12 months. Gives long-lasting water-beading protection against weather, salt and corrosion. And Kit goes on fast wipes off easy! Kit restores and protects cars, boats, motorcycles, RV's, home appliances, ceramic tile, shower doors and more. Safe for use with orbital buffers.

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