The most reflective car wax in our history. Pampers and protects all paints. Our quality is legendary. Now you're about to experience our greatest breakthrough yet. You're holding one of the finest car waxes we've ever made (and we've made some great formulations throughout this century). What makes this formula so special is its incredible reflective qualities. Regardless of what paint you have, this formula will dramatically deepen the color, bring out the full richness of the paint and create clear, sharp reflections unlike anything you've ever experienced. It glides on and off easily, cleans the surface, removes light swirl marks, adds polishing oils, reduces UV ray damage and adds tough, long-lasting polymer protection. It's truly in a class by itself. Meguiar's Gold Class is a brand new technology that delivers exceptional results on all paints. Regardless of your make, model or year, Gold Class will deliver the results you're looking for. Paints have changed so much and there are so many varieties that it has become harder to know which car wax to use. Since we are a major supplier to paint manufacturers, body shops and detailers, we are in a unique position to develop car wax formulas that are advanced enough to work with the full spectrum of old and new paints.

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