Cowboy Lump Charcoal

Premium natural wood charcoal. For authentic southern BBQ flavor. Barbecue has a rich history and deep roots in the South. Traditional southern barbecue is slow-cooked, over wood charcoal for added flavor. High quality wood charcoal is an important aspect of cooking barbecue, giving it a distinct, smoky flavor. Share the experience of authentic, southern barbecue with your friends and family with Cowboy Southern Style Premium Hardwood Lump Charcoal. It is all natural and made in the USA from only the highest quality southern hardwoods. No chemicals or fillers - just authentic, natural wood for the best barbecue flavor. Why are different! Compare Cowboy Charcoal to standard briquets. 1. Cowboy Charcoal is all natural, 100% hardwood charcoal. 2. Produces quicker, hotter fire than with standard briquets. 3. Ready to cook much faster than standard briquets. 4. No additives means great wood-grilled flavor. 5. Charcoal can be added to fire without producing unpleasant odors common with standard briquets. 6. Hardwood lump charcoal produces less ash and requires minimal clean up. Visit us on the web For product information on, grilling and recipe ideas, please visit us on the web a This paper bag is biodegradable. Package contains recycled products. Made in USA of oak & hickory wood. Made in the USA.

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