Chock Full o'Nuts® Heavenly Coffee® Original Medium Roast Ground Coffee Single Serve Pods 32 ct Box

Works in all brewers that accept K-cup pods. 100% premium coffee. Since 1932. Heavenly coffee. 35% less plastic than conventional coffee pods. What's Missing? There's no hard plastic shell. That means 35% less plastic than ordinary pods. And we think you'd agree that less plastic is better for everyone. You know what else is better? Waking up and actually smelling the coffee. You can't enjoy the aroma of ground coffee through a hard plastic shell. And isn't the aroma what it's all about? We think so, too. And then there's the taste! Just one sip and you'll know why we've been New York's heavenly coffee since 1932. 100% premium coffee. No nuts just coffee. 1920s: We sold nuts. 1930s: We sold nuts and coffee. Now we don't sell nuts we just sell coffee. But we like our name, Chock Full O'Nuts. 100% coffee. No nuts. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Follow us on social media. Questions/comments call 1-888-246-2598; This carton is made of 90% post-consumer content. Please recycle.

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