Cheetos Asteroids 100 Calorie Asteroids Cheese Flavored Snacks 5 Ct Box

Dangerously cheesy. 5 packs. 0 g trans fat. Sense & snackability. Life, they say, is all about balance. Take the tasty treat you hold here. We've chosen your favorite Frito-Lay snacks and divvied them up into neat little portions you can pop into your purse or stash in your gym bag and go. And each serving comes out to 100 calories. So you don't get too much of a good thing. Just enough to satisfy that need a little something yummy urge. Carpe Snackem no. 49. Good news. Each snack portion not only contains 100 calories, it also fits nicely into your purse or bag without a bulge. 100 calories per serving. 6 g fat per serving.

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