Cardinis Croutons, Gourmet Cut, Garlic

Twice baked. Since 1924. Resealable. Stays fresh. Easy to open. Creator of the caesar salad. Before Caesar Cardini, there was no Caesar Salad. The name Caesar Cardini has been widely famous for quality since 1924, when his creativity led him to invent the Caesar Salad in his popular Tijuana restaurant. The uniqueness of his original Caesar dressing recipe is reflected in today's extended line of Cardini's Salad Dressing flavors. The taste legend of 1924 lives on in this delicious Garlic Crouton. Twice baked for a crunch you won't forget, Cardini's Garlic Croutons will make any salad or dish a tasty treat for all. Be sure to try all the other great tasting Cardini's Croutons and Salad Dressings. Visit us at:

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