Bizzy Coffee, Organic, Medium Roast, Cold Brew, Unsweetened 48 Fl Oz

Time to get Bizzy. Remarkably smooth surprisingly strong. Brewed 18 hours for maximum flavor & strength. We're obsessive about our organic coffee. We say things like meticulously crafted but really we mean up at night thinking about a slightly different grind size. That's why we use organic certified beans, ground coarse and micro sifted for even size, brewed slow for 18 hours and cold filtered, creating the strongest, most flavorful coffee possible, in 100% post-consumer recycled bottles. We don't know why we are like this, just please enjoy our coffee. Coarse ground. Micro-sifted. 18 hour slow brew. Cold filtered. We compost 100% of our spent coffee grounds. Please recycle. Tear and recycle this material separately.

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