Vitaminwater Water Beverage, Nutrient Enhanced, Essential, Orange-Orange

(Vitamin C). Flavored + other natural flavors. If you ask us, it's no coincidence that morning and mourning are only one letter apart. Ok sure, there are a few good things about mornings (we're looking at you, pancakes). Otherwise, forget it. Not only does a 15 minute snooze pass in what feels like a blink, but let's be honest, the sound of birds chirping is a bit overrated. So to help give your morning some nutrition, we added 120% of your daily value of vitamin C per serving plus some other key nutrients. We think it'll brighten your day. But don't worry, not rip-open-curtains-with-no-warning kind of brighter. Vitamins + water = all you need. Excellent source of C and B vitamins. 120% vitamin C. 40% vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12. Vitamins A & E. Electrolytes. Per 8 fl oz serving, 2 servings per bottle.

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