vitaminwater active strawberry black cherry Bottle, 15.2 fl oz

+ other natural flavors. Sports drink hydration. Electrolytes from natural sources. Natural sweetener. 100% vitamins B5, B6, & B12. Antioxidant vitamins C and E. See nutrition facts for more details. 100 calories per bottle. SmartLabel. Scan for more food information. Hard work never hurt anyone. Well, that's not true. Somebody probably got hurt building Stonehenge. Have you seen the size of those rocks? Unless of course aliens built it. But screw that - we believe in the boundless possibility of human ingenuity and the brilliance of electrolytes from natural sources, awesome B-vitamins, and amazing antioxidants. But don't believe us. Hydrated humans who lift giant rocks: 1. Aliens: 0. 10% coconut water.

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