Vitaminwater 10 Water Beverage, Nutrient Enhanced, 10 Calorie, XXX, Acai-Blueberry-Pomegranate

(Triple Antioxidants). Low cal. 10 calories per serving (that's like a 10 minute nap). Naturally sweet - supernaturally tasty. Ever notice how XXX has a bit of a reputation? On a game show it's a letdown to the whole family, in the video store it's the section you accidentally wandered into and in the marriage, one X can be expensive, but three! (hopefully you're recycling the ring). That's why we're cleaning up XXX's reputation. This bottle is packed with vitamin C and triple antioxidants from three superfruits - acai, blue berry and pomegranate - to help you fight free radicals and stay healthy. And since it's naturally sweetened with only 10 calories, the survey says drink up, switch to a healthier (and less scandalous) XXX, and who knows, maybe the fourth time's a charm. Nutrient rich, calorie poor. Contains less than 1% juice.

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