Avitae Caffeine + Water, Sparkling, Natural Berry Kiwi

With other natural flavors. 90 mg natural caffeine. Energy boost. Carbonated water + 90 mg natural caffeine. About the same amount as a cup of coffee. 0 calories per bottle. 1 bottle 16.9 fl oz (500 ml) contains 90 mg of natural caffeine. Instant go with added fizz. At Avitae, we don't like limitations. So when we set out to add to our collection of carbonated caffeine waters, we didn't stop at one kind of fruit. We brought in natural strawberry and other berry flavors. Then out team even added a little kiwi. Rebels. Anyhow, think of it as a remix of all your favorite fruit flavors. In fact, your taste buds are probably already two-stepping to it. So if you're ready to play pure energy, hydration and flavor on repeat, twist the cap, add thirst and take off. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Questions or comments? Please call: 1-888-228-4823 or visit www.goavitae.com. Please recycle. 90 mg - about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Contains no juice. Pedal to the metal. Cruising. First gear. On ramp.

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