Snapple Antioxidant Water Water Beverage, Nutrient Enhanced, Dragonfruit

Vitamins & Electrolytes. The power to Awaken. With other natural flavors. Enhanced with Antioxidants - Vitamins A &E; B vitamins; Guarana, ginseng, ribose; electrolytes. Dragonfruit: The power to awaken. Smelling salts? Cold showers? Shouldn't there be a pleasant way to gently shake off your daydreams and awakened your senses? Maybe a great-tasting water with natural stimulants like Guarana, Ginseng and Caffeine? If it tasted like a lightly-sweet dragonfruit and was full of good tings like antioxidant Vitamins A and E plus B Vitamins and Electrolytes, would you be dreaming? Would you wake up only to be disappointed that no such water existed? Pinch yourself, it's already in your hand. Made from the best stuff on earth. Each bottle contains 165 mg of protective antioxidants (as EGCG tea polyphenols, Vitamin A and E to help protect your body's cells from free radical damage).

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