O.N.E. Active Lemon Lime Coconut Water

O.N.E. Active™ Lemon Lime Coconut Water. O.N.E.™. One natural experience. For active bodies & minds. With energizing botanicals. O.N.E. Active is a coconut water based, all natural sports drink, enhanced with functional, natural ingredients. O.N.E. Active was formulated for people with active lifestyles to help them feel hydrated, alert and dynamic. Made without artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, or preservatives, O.N.E. Active helps you go the extra mile. What is coconut water Slice the top off a young, green coconut and you will find nature's original sports drink. This cool, glistening water, naturally filtered for several months through the coconut's dense fibers, contains five essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, no fat, and no cholesterol. *Potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and calcium - naturally occurring in coconut water. To learn more, please visit www.onedrinks.com. No fat. No cholesterol. No G.M.O.s. No preservatives. No artificial anything. Not from concentrate. Gently pasteurized. Made with non GMO ingredients. 100% natural. Enjoy O.N.E. cold. The O.N.E. for total performance™. O.N.E. Active's™ functional ingredients: *Coconut water. Electrolytes* to maximize hydration. *Ginkgo biloba. Known to increase mental focus. *Panax ginseng. Known to increase energy. *Catuaba bark. Known to increase vigor and stamina. *Antioxidants. Known to fight free radicals and detox the body. Protects what's good™. A package from Tetra Pack. Tetra Prisma®. Aseptic. Tetra Pak.

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