Jana Water, Artesian, Natural European

Freely flowing for over 3000 years from its pristine source, located 2500 feet below the Earth's surface, in the picturesque Croatian village of St. Jana by the Adriatic Sea, Jana Natural Artesian Water is Europe's best tasting water awarded highest-quality. Eauscar. NSF. Eauscar: Aqua-Expo - Paris 2005. Jana Artisan water. Water for life. Composition in mg/liter: Calcium: 63; Magnesium: 32.5; Silica: 4.2; Bicarbonates: 354.7; Mineralization: 464.4; pH: 7.4. Please recycle. www.janawater.com. For a report on water quality and information call: 212.889.5262. www.jamnica.hr. Bottled at source St. Jana. Source: St. Jana Croatia, imported from Europe, Croatia.

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