Blk Beverage, Spicy Black Cherry, Energy

Energizing nutrient enriched beverage. With fulvic trace minerals & caffeine. Blk. Purified Water is infused with rich fulvic trace minerals for a unique drinking experience that truly goes with everything. Need a boost to get through your day? Our energy formula is packed with green tea, Ginseng, Guarana, Coffee berry extract and powerful B vitamins which are known to reboot focus and energy. Plus, nutrient- packed blk. trace minerals add vital antioxidants, amino acids, and refreshing electrolytes to the mix. Work, school, stress. -You got this. May separate. Good News: 0 sugar, fat or calories & no artificial dyes, coloring or additives. Contains 80 mg of caffeine. Instagram (at)blk.water. Facebook: blkwater. Please recycle. BPA free. Product of USA.

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