Activate Enhanced Water Charged Lemon Lime

Activate® Charged Lemon Lime Enhanced Water. Twist cap, release energy. Your vitamins. Zero calories. Naturally sweetened. Nutrient enhanced water beverage. Vitamins A, B* and C deteriorate sitting in water. That's why we keep ours stored separately in our unique cap, so the vitamins stay fresh. Activate you charge with renewed energy. Energy blend. Yerba mate leaf extract - 50mg. Natural caffeine - 50mg. Vitamin C - 100%. Vitamin B6 - 100%. Vitamin B12 - 50%. Vitamin B5 - 30%. Vitamin A - 30%. Vitamin E - 30%. +Electrolytes. Zero sugar. Naturally sweetened with stevia. Non-GMO. BPA-free. 0% juice. Bottle made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Bottle design and label: © and ® Rising Beverage Co. 2012. *Vitamins B5 and B12. Please recycle. 1.877.420.1850 or email

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