Tetley Teabags British Blends Lady Clarence Black Tea 20 ea

Refreshingly well rounded English breakfast style tea. Smooth & well rounded black tea. Since 1837. With her smooth demeanor & rich heritage, Lady Clarence is an undeniable British classic. Her refreshing outlook & palatable taste invite you to enjoy her company all day long. Distinguished & elegant. Color: Golden. Flavor: Smooth & well rounded.  A ravishing array of eloquently blended notable teas full of flavor & distinguished character. A true British cuppa! - Joseph Tetley, Founder. www.tetleyusa.com. Facebook. Instagram. Follow (at)tetleyusa. Find out more at RA.org. How was your Tetley tipple? Questions. Comments. Feedback. We would love to hear from you! 800-728-0084 www.tetleyusa.com. Ethical Tea Partnership. Rainforest Alliance Certified: 100% certified black tea. Carton.

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