Tazo Green Tea Iced Peachy Green

Tazo® Green Tea Iced Peachy Green. Flavored with other natural flavors. A refreshing blend of green tea, sweet peach, cool spearmint, ginger & a touch of sweetness. Caffeine level. Just add water and enjoy. Green tea and fruit juice blend beverage concentrate. On the grassy steps of an ancient amphitheater, you're the lone audience to a peach singing its floral melody to the spearmint sprigs inching toward it - there to witness the moment green tea, sweet peach and fresh mint birth a new harmonic. So you can sip blissfully, we source naturally. Caffeine guide: 61+mg. 46-60mg. 31-45mg. 16-30mg. 1-15mg. Decaffeinated. Values are based on an 8 fl oz serving and reflect our standard brewing methods. A standard 8 fl oz drip coffee contains 150mg caffeine. 12% juice. Visit tazo.com. ©2014 Tazo. All rights reserved.

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