Tassimo Twinings of London Green Tea

Exclusively for the Tassimo Home System. The Tassimo System makes the perfect hot drink. You provide the perfect cup. Enjoy Twinings Green Tea, a delicate pure green tea with a light, fresh taste. Story of Twinings: Since 1706, Twinings has given tea lovers around the world unparalleled pleasure and satisfaction. With Tassimo, the perfect cup of Twinings tea is only seconds away. The art of the perfect cup. Discover Tassimo, the ultimate in great taste and smart technology. Simply select your cup. insert your choice of T Disc and press the button. Each T Disc is designed to bring out the optimal flavors. The Tassimo machine reads each encoded T Disc, adjusting the temperature, time and amount of water to guarantee perfect quality each and every time. Product of USA.

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