Green tea flavored with mandarin orange & spices. For centuries green tea has been recognized in Asia for its role in a healthy lifestyle. Over the last several years, scientists may have discovered why green tea has received so much positive attention. Several recent studies have identified some potentially powerful antioxidants in green tea. One of the antioxidants, known as EGCG, is found only in green tea leaves and is one of the most potent antioxidants yet discovered. Researchers theorize that antioxidants contribute to good health by neutralizing free radicals. No wonder the Emperor Shen Nung proclaimed green tea to be heaven sent. The flavor of the Orient and a hint of spice. We've mixed the mystical aroma of Mandarin Oranges and a hint of spices from the East with our Salada 100% Green Tea, a mild delicate green tea blend from the Orient. It's a subtle taste experience for those delightfully peaceful moments you enjoy. And like all Salada Green Teas, Mandarin Delight is a break from the ordinary, a simple relaxing treat - part of a healthy lifestyle.

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