Lipton® Vanilla Caramel Black Pyramid Tea Bags 20 ct Box

Made with real caramel. Flavor with other natural flavor. Lipton Pyramid Teas: The unique shape of our teabags, combined with long tea leaves and real caramel allows for a truly exceptional tea experience. Long tea leaves. Real caramel. Caffeine level - 20 mg per serving. Drink positive. Compare Flavonoid Levels (USDA Database for the Flavonoid content of selected foods, release 3 [2011]). Regularly drinking tea (based on 2-3 cups per day), the main contributor of flavonoids in the diet, helps maintain a healthy heart (as part of a healthy diet). 85 mg (per 8 fl oz serving) Lipton Black Tea. 58 mg (per 8 fl oz serving) orange juice. 11 mg (per 8 fl oz serving) pomegranate juice. 0.4 mg (per 8 fl oz serving) coffee. To learn more about tea's role in a healthy lifestyle call 1-888-LiptonT (1-888-547-8668) or visit

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