Lipton Bags Caffeine Free Terrific Turmeric Herbal Tea 15 ea

Herbal tea with turmeric ginger & orange. 0 calories per 1 tea bag. Caffeine free. Send in the soothing herbal tea with turmeric, ginger & orange. For centuries, the Ayurvedic tradition has praised turmeric for its role in aiding digestion and supporting joint movement. Our turmeric comes from a curcumin-rich root that is finely ground into a golden orange powder and enjoyed for its earthy taste and restorative benefits. Find your soothing moment with Lipton herbal tea blended with turmeric, ginger & orange. Take a time out with turmeric. Take a turmeric time out. Reset and restore while you enjoy a daily cup or two. A conversation is brewing at Questions or comments? Call 1-888-LiptonT (1-888-547-8668) or visit

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