Kalahari Red Tea, Limpopo Lemon

Staple free bags. Premium South African Rooibos Herb Tea. Premium Rooibos & lemongrass. Naturally caffeine free. 100% natural. Great tasting. Antioxidant-rich. Now commonly known as red tea, rooibos (roy-boss) or red bush was discovered thousands of years ago by the South African San people. Coveted for its healing power, rooibos is indigenous to the beautiful Cedarberg Mountain, and found nowhere else in the world. The San fermented the needles of the rooibos plants creating its deep red color and sweet, smooth flavor. Similar to green tea, red tea is good for you since it is rich in antioxidants. but even better, it tastes great and you can drink it all day long because it is naturally caffeine free. Because it is low in tannins, red tea is never bitter. Kalahari red teas contain only the finest, premium quality South African rooibos which is selected from the tender fine tips of the herb. Kalahari rooibos provides a rich, smooth, flavorful cup of red tea with a sweet taste that can be enjoyed straight or with milk or lemon and a sweetener. All Kalahari brand teas are 100% natural and contain no preservatives, additives, or colorings. Try our many fine red teas blended with selected herbs and spices for your enjoyment. Kalahari Limpopo Lemon red tea named after the famous Limpopo River located in South Africa, is made from premium South African rooibos and lemony lemongrass. The natural touch of lemon enhances the rich sweet flavor of Kalahari red tea to create a refreshing taste to liven up every cup you drink. The Kalahari Commitment: Founded by two friends, one from Santa Barbara and one from Johannesburg, Kalahari is a company committed to bringing authentically South African products to the United States. Our unique products are born out of South African history and rooted in South African culture. Finding and delivering only the best South Africa has to offer is what we do. That is our mission. Sincerely, Ned & David.

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