Celestial Seasonings® Caffeine Free Herbal Tea Bags 40 ct Box

Naturally caffeine free. Full-bodied black tea taste. Our master blenders have expertly combined 100% caffeine free herbs and natural tea flavors to create a flavorful, black tea taste that you won't fine anywhere else. Why? Decaffeinated teas all begin as regular tea, picked from ordinary tea plant which contains caffeine. These teas are then processed to remove their caffeine. But during this process, tea flavor is washed away along wiht the caffeine, leaving you with a less than satisfying cup of tea. But not Celestial Seasonings Caffeine-Free Tea. Our tea isn't processed. We've carefully selected and blended the finest herbs from around the world to give you the flavorful, full-bodied, black tea taste you demand and only Celestial Seasonings could create. Whether it's thirst-quenching iced tea refreshment or soothing hot tea relaxation, discover the 100% natural goodness of Celestial Seasonings Caffeine-Free Tea. All natural. This is an all-natural product containing no artificial colorings, flavorings, or preservatives. Made in U.S.A.

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