Teavana™ Earl Grey Crème Flavored Black Tea Blend 15 ct Canister

Flavored black tea blend with lavender & vanilla notes. Caffeine Guide: 1: 1-15 mg; 2: 16-25 mg; 3: 26-39 mg; 4: 40+ mg; Values are based on an 8 fl oz serving and reflect our standard brewing methods. A standard 8 fl oz drip coffee contains 150 mg caffeine. Caffeine-free. Caffeine level: 4. Teavana crafts vibrant blends of the finest teas and botanicals to color your world with imagination. A classic black tea blend elevated by bergamot citrus, fragrant lavender and notes of creamy vanilla inspired by the much adored London fog. Pair it with dairy to make an at-home version of the cafe classic.

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