Pharmaceutical quality herbal teas. Authentic European herbal formula. Cough suppressant. 15 Individually wrapped tea bags. Caffeine free. Modern pharmaceutical quality tea based on a proven traditional formula: Tea for Colds is a premium herbal tea based on an authentic Swiss traditional formula developed by Father Johannes Kuenzle, a widely known and highly respected Swiss herbalist, pastor, and author, who lived from 1857 to 1945. Father Kuenzle conceived his formulas more than 100 years ago. Tea for Colds has been modernized by the addition of oil of peppermint, and the dehydrated juice of echinacea purpurea herb. Both ingredients are consistent with the quality specifications of the corresponding German Commission E monographs. A natural constituent of peppermint oil - menthol - is a U.S.F.D.A. approved OTC drug, indicated as a cough suppressant. European Herbal Pharmaceutical standards: What makes this product pharmaceutical quality? Each herb is certified to meet the exacting specifications of European pharmacopoeias. The biologically active ingredients of this Good Earth Medicinals formula were approved as safe and effective by the German Commission E. Good Earth Medicinals are manufactured entirely in Europe, in licensed pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and in accordance with European standards for medicinal herbal products. Good Earth Medicinals, in using pharmaceutical quality ingredients, establish a new standard for medicinal herbal teas in America. Good Earth Medicinals are safe & effective when used as directed. Authentic tradition validated by modern science. Product of Germany.

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