Southern Breeze Sweet Tea 20 ea

Pre-sweetened. Ready in 5 minutes. Bold Taste That's Fast, Easy and Delicious: Southern Breeze Cold Brew Sweet Iced Tea is made with real tea leaves in a pre-sweetened bag that you cold-water brew, steep, chill and enjoy - and with no sugar, sugar! So you can sip and share glass after guilt-free glass. Zero calories, meet heavenly hospitality! Based in Georgia, you could say we know a thing or two about sweet tea. In fact, it's so steeped in our culture, it runs in our veins. Brewed in Southern tradition, we simply removed the calories, but not the sweet tea taste you know and love. So pour another glass and keep on sweet tea sippin'! Sweetness is in the bag! Suitable for people with diabetes. Share the Sweetness: (at)sbreezetea. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. Blended and packaged in the USA. Proudly made in Marietta, Georgia.

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