Q Floral & Spicy Hibiscus Ginger Beer 4 Cans 7.5 fl oz Can 4 ea

Hibiscus Moscow Mule: 1-1/2 oz - Your favorite vodka; 1 can - Q Hibiscus ginger beer; 1 - Lime wedge. Fill a highball glass or copper mug with ice. Add your favorite vodka and squeeze in the lime, leaving the time wedge in the glass. Pour in the Q Hibiscus ginger beer and gently stir. Enjoy! I started Q Mixers after a warm summer night in my backyard with great friends and good gin. A few sips in, my teeth felt sticky, the bubbles were gone, and the taste of my gin was lost in cloying sweetness. Picking up the tonic water I saw why - a big plastic bottle already flat, loaded with high fructose corn syrup! I set out to make superior mixers. Ones that would make my favorite drinks even better. I source the best ingredients from all over the world and perfect each recipe until I love it. Not too sweet, so you can taste your spirit. And perfectly carbonated so you never get a flat drink. Cheers! Jordan Founder. Make your drink spectacular. With agave, ginger and a hint of hibiscus and rose hips, Q Hibiscus ginger beer is a fresh twist on ginger beer. Bring your favorite mule somewhere fabulous. BK NY. Vea and Dylan, Jordan’s Kids, call it Gibiscus. Please recycle.

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