Muscle Milk Pro Series 40 Mega Protein Shake, Mint Chocolate Overload

Naturally and artificially flavored. Contains no milk. Includes milk proteins. 220 calories per bottle. 40 g protein. Lactose free. Muscle milk pro series provides nutrients found in natural milk that are important for building muscles and bones. Sealed for your protection. Nutrition Highlights: (per 14 fl oz bottle) 220 calories; 40 g lean protein for workout recovery and strength; 20 vitamins and minerals. Some people are easily satisfied. For them, Good is enough. But for others, satisfaction doesn't exist. What does exist is an unquenchable desire to complete one more rep, one more sprint, one more grueling workout. Muscle Milk Pro Series gives you 40 grams of protein to fuel your recovery and help build strength. Because we know you want to push your limits. It isn't for some people. It's for you. Muscle Milk Workout Recovery Fuel. Give me strength. Muscle Milk Recovery Grant: Help a high school athletic department in need - visit to find out more. Please recycle. Made in USA.

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