Minute Maid Apple Juice Cartons, 6 fl oz, 10 Pack

Good source of calcium. No sugar added. 100% vitamin C. 80 calories per box. Minute Maid Juice Boxes are good for you! 100% natural flavors and no added colors. Not a reduced calorie food. Delivers a good source of calcium. Growing kids need calcium to help build strong bones and teeth. Contains a full day's supply of vitamin C. Vitamin C plays an important part in supporting the body's immune system and is also an antioxidant which helps maintain healthy skin. Enjoy Minute Maid Juice Box as part of a healthy, balanced diet. Pasteurized. Recyclable. Recycling programs for this carton may not exist in your area. Visit recyclecartons.com to learn more. 100% apple juice. Our quality promise assures your satisfaction. We guarantee it. Put good in. Get good out. Aseptic Tetra Pak. www.tetrapakusa.com. Contains apple juice concentrate from the USA, Argentina, Chile, China and Turkey.

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