Iconic Protein Drink, Coconut Matcha

Naturally flavored 20 g protein; 3 g sugar; 130 calories. Certifed gluten-free. Lactose-free (99.99% lactose free). Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Grass fed. The Truly Grass Fed verified difference. Nutrient quality. Sustainability. Animal welfare. No hormones, antibiotics or pesticides. Sourced from family farms, allowing for full traceability from pasture to bottle. Our cows roam and feed on lush nutritious grass year-round. Reduced carbon footprint over conventional dairy. Functional Ingredients, Superior taste: 3.5 of matcha equals 490 mg of antioxidant catechins. 60 mg of caffeine, equal to half a cup of coffee. Matcha Green Tea, a source of natural antioxidants and caffeine, converges with rich coconut cream to create a uniquely satisfying, balanced flavor that'll energize both mind and body. www.drinkiconic.com Facebook. Instagram. (at)drinkiconic.

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