Starbucks Coffee Half Caffeinated Breakfast Blend Latin America Mild Ground Coffee

Latin America. Tasting Notes: Crisp, tangy. Batch roasting since 1971. Responsibly grown. Ethically traded. That means the coffee in this bag is helping to create a better future for farmers and a more stable climate for the planet. Because we've always believed in a better cup of coffee. Only 3% of the coffee grown around the world is good enough to make it into a bag of Starbucks coffee. And it's always 100% arabica. The Flavor of Latin American Coffees: In Latin America, hundreds of years of coffee tradition have passed along the ritual of washing coffee beans free of their sticky, protective honey. This washing process imprints all of the coffee grown there with a crisp flavor and palate-cleansing acidity. Bright citrus notes dance across your tongue then wash away clean. It's a wonderful first cup with half the caffeine. Enjoy with blueberry muffins and the morning paper.

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