Gevalia K-Cup Pods Medium 100% Arabica Colombia Coffee 12 ea

Keurig Genuine K-Cup Pods. Founded in Gavle Sweden Est. 1853. Rich. Bold. Aromatic. Founded in Gavle, Sweden, Gevalia is renowned for quality and craft. 100% Arabica beans are carefully slow roasted and snap cooled to lock in their full flavor and aroma. Perfectly cared for coffee, so you can enjoy the perfect cup. Colombia: Grown and picked from the rich soil high in the Colombian countryside, this bright 100% Colombian roast is exceptionally rich and smooth. Release the aroma. Keurig Genuine K-Cup Pods: Only Genuine K-Cup Pods are optimally designed by Keurig for your Keurig coffee maker to deliver the perfect beverage in every cup. Please recycle this carton. Recyclable (Not recycled in all communities) K-Cup Pods: Peel, empty, recycle. Peel: Starting at puncture, peel lid and dispose. Empty: Compost or dispose of grounds. (Filter can remain). Recycle: Check locally (Not recycled in all communities) to recycle empty cup. Visit to learn more.

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