Smooth roasted since 1970. Nutty aroma with rich, complex flavor. Our most versatile blend was named after Henry, a big old cat that frequented our original roastery on Vashon Island. Today, Henry's Blend is used in all of our cafe's espresso-based beverages, but great for drip coffee as well because of its incredibly smooth and nutty taste. Henry's Blend: named after a cozy cat, made famous by coffee lovers everywhere. Our Story: We drink lots of coffee in Seattle, and it's been that way since the early '70s, when a group of coffee lovers started a roasting revolution. Our founders were some of those early coffee pioneers. They developed a unique slow roasting process, and over the years, these great coffees have been offered in our cafes and celebrated for their distinct smoothness and rich flavor. Good coffee is appreciated everywhere, but only one is smooth enough to be called Seattle's Best Coffee. After all, our name is our promise. Certified organic by Washington State Department of Agriculture.

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