Hawaiian Gold Coffee, Kona, Ground, Gourmet Blend, Morning Blend 10 Oz

Parry estate Kona Hawaii. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. I guarantee it! - John Parry, Farmer/Owner. www.goldcoffee.com. Overlooking the vast blue-green Pacific Ocean. Our secret! Parry Estate Kona coffee is grown on Mauna Loa's mountain slopes, bathed in crystalline rain water, cooled by tropical trade winds and nourished by fire. The island's seductive setting produces a coffee vibrant in flavor with a strikingly exotic character unique to this world-renowned varietal favorite. Sun-ripened coffee cherries are hand-picked, sun dried, expertly graded, roasted in small batches, and blended to ensure the highest possible standard of quality. Our family oversees this entire process to bring you the distinctive intense flavor of the world's finest Kona Blend coffee. King Kamehameha's Legacy: Centuries ago King Kamehameha cultivated his royal fields on the fertile volcanic mountain slopes of Mauna Loa where today the Parry Estate thrives. Hundreds of acres have been preserved to protect the ecological and historical heritage of this extraordinary paradise. Exotic wildlife and lush rainforest vegetation flourish in our carefully planned natural habitats. We are passionately committed to preserving the fertile soil and crystalline waters for future generations through sustainable agricultural practices. May be produced with genetic engineering.

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