Barnies CoffeeKitchen Coffee 10 oz

Coconutty caramel & vanilla. Naturally and artificially flavored. Grounds for adventure. We started in 1980 with one purpose in mind: to find the perfect cup of coffee. Our far, wide and never-ending search began in a small shop in Winter Park, Florida. From there, we discovered a world brimming with possibility. A world where coffee isn't just a mundane morning routine. It's a chance to find new flavors. To make joyous memories. To share new stories. It’s grounds for adventure. And we invite you to join the journey. Make flavorful memories. Whether it's a bold brew before a big event or light roast you sip on your sofa, we create flavors to complement every occasion. Flavors that encourage you to reminisce about times past and allow you to make new memories altogether. Flavors that can wake you up or soothe your soul. Above all, we create flavors that remind you life is too short to drink bland coffee.

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