Death Wish Coffee Co Coffee, Ground, Dark, Espresso Roast 14 Oz

New roast. The world's strongest coffee. Welcome to the Abyss. It's delicious. Espresso your dark side. Exorcise the demons of blah beans and boring routines by sipping on the next dimension of darkness. Spawned specifically for deep notes of cocoa, caramelized sugar + cherries, this blend is deadpan perfect for intense cups of coffee and espresso drinks. Abandon barista banter and café lines for a brew of otherworldly strength, one brimming with espresso-like texture and depth.. Fair Trade certified. Reap what you sow: When you buy fair trade certified coffee, you support fair wages for farmers, safe and sustainable farming practices and community development funds in coffee-growing regions. Organic Chemistry: When you buy USDA Organic Certified, you support sustainability for coffee farms. No decent land? No decent coffee. And that's no way to live.

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