Franciscan Estate Sauvignon Blanc, Monterey County 750 Ml

Franciscan Estate Sauvignon Blanc is a bold and bright white wine. Made using California grapes, this refreshing, vibrant wine has complex notes of citrus fruit—like grapefruit, lime zest, and crisp, green apple—with a clean finish. Enjoy this Sauvignon Blanc on its own or in a wine cocktail. It makes the perfect pairing with foods like chicken, shellfish and mild cheeses like goat cheese. Franciscan Estate Sauvignon Blanc is great for a variety of occasions, whether you're entertaining friends and family or you need a wine gift to take to a dinner party. Each wine bottle has 13.5% alcohol by volume. Franciscan is known for our traditionally crafted wines with a modern taste. Our portfolio of wines is bold, smooth, and flavorful, reflecting our winemaking philosophy of letting “the fruit speak for itself.” In addition to Sauvignon Blanc, Franciscan Estates wine is also available in Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and other varieties.

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