Save Me San Francisco Chardonnay, 2011 750 Ml

On a warm summer night, after playing a show on tour, a great chardonnay is my go-to choice of wine. So together with winemaker James Foster, we created Calling All Angels, a fruit-forward, medium bodied chardonnay. The wine has a fantastic citrus scent and a hint of pineapple that works great with the slight vanilla bean notes. The soft tannins and long finish make this great with both a dinner or a drink with friends. I personally like serving it straight from the cellar so the flavors come alive in your glass. Enjoy! You can visit to learn more about our adventures. - Cheers, Jimmy and Train. Save Me, San Francisco Wine Co. proudly donates proceeds from its sales to support Family House, Inc. Alc. 13.5% by vol. Vinted and bottled by Save Me, San Francisco Wine Company, Livermore, CA.

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