Top Box Pinot Grigio, White Wine, 3 Liter Box

Delight in the authentic charm of Washington with TopBox Pinot Grigio, a white wine that encapsulates the state's storied winemaking tradition. At its core, our Pinot Grigio celebrates the allure of fruit—crafted meticulously to strike a beautiful harmony between luscious fruitiness and crisp acidity. With careful fermentation in stainless steel tanks spanning 14-21 days, we've birthed a wine that seamlessly marries complexity with accessibility. Every sip of this boxed white wine unveils tantalizing notes of fresh pear, melons, and green apple. Whether pairing it with a refreshing fruit salad, indulgent cheeses, grilled fish, or a seafood pasta feast, this Washington white wine is poised to elevate your meal. And with no corkscrew required, TopBox Pinot Grigio promises a hassle-free, delightful experience—a true testament to Washington's vinous magic, boasting a vibrant 13.5% ABV.

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