Cooper And Thief Bourbon Barrel Aged Red Blend Red Wine, 750 M L Bottle

Aged 3 months in Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. Cellarmaster select. To produce a complex, smooth and rounded wine, we stash select lots of our red blend in bourbon barrels. Dark & Jammy with toasty vanilla notes. Why oak? Oak makes wine taste better. Some of the most expensive wines in the world are aged in oak. Everything from the type, size, age, grain and treatment of an oak barrel greatly affects the finished wine. Oak gives the wine sweetness, creamy vanilla aromas, and our aged casa noble tequila barrels add even more depth and another dimension of flavor. An artisan blend of Bourbon - barrel aged. Some winemaking traditions were meant. To be broken. That's why our dark & Jammy red blend is blended with select lots aged in smoky bourbon casks. And when we cracked that barrel open after 3 months, let's just say we knew pretty quickly that we were on to something good. Cooper & thief is a rich wine with warm vanilla flavors and some subtle spicy notes. It finishes with a smooth mouth feel.

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