Simply Spiked Beer, Limeade, Variety Pack 12 Ea

Enjoy four refreshing spiked limeade flavors with this Simply Spiked Limeade Variety Pack. Alcohol and real fruit juice* come together in this expertly blended spiked limeade with 5.0% ABV. The 12 pack of 12.0 fl oz cans includes: Simply Spiked Signature Limeade with the flavor of freshly picked juicy limes, balanced sweet/tart notes, and a refreshing finish; Passionfruit Limeade with tropical blend notes, a slight peely lime, and a fruity fresh finish; Blackberry Limeade featuring natural blackberry and juicy lime with a slightly tart and effervescent finish; and Cherry Limeade with bright, nostalgic maraschino cherry flavor, a sweet/tart balance, and a slight lime finish. This juicy spiked limeade is perfect for relaxing at home, hanging out with friends, family barbecues, pool parties, beach trips or anytime you want a delicious, spiked spin on classic limeade. *5% real fruit juice; squeezed then concentrated

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