Sierra Nevada Beer, Trail Pass Non Alcoholic Golden Craft Beer 6 Pack (12oz Cans) 6 Ea

Grab an NA Trail Pass and start a new adventure with miles of flavor. Explore the smooth malt and crisp finish in non-alcoholic Trail Pass Golden, a refreshing easy-drinker with a surge of hops for bright floral and citrus notes. “If a craft drinker is looking for that non-alc option, but still wants a complete beer experience, this is gonna do it for them,” says James Conery, Innovation Brewmaster at Sierra Nevada. Why it tastes better than other NA beers: Trail Pass uses traditional brewing methods, not alcohol removal through vacuum distillation, to create full craft flavor below the 0.5% ABV non-alcoholic threshold. This approach stays true to the craft spirit and, frankly, delivers a product that tastes like beer.

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