Troeg Troegenator 6pk Btls

Independent brewing. Tasting room & brewery tours. Twitter: (at)Troegsbeer. Instagram: (at)Troegsbeer. Facebook:/Troegsbrewingco. Out of curiosity. When they were kids, the Troegs bros would always ask, why not? Today, as unsupervised adults-turned-brewers, their endless experimenting has taken on a delicious bent. If life wanders you into Central Pennsylvania, come join us for our latest why not? Handcrafted by the Troegs Bros. IBU: 25. Hops: Magnum, German Northern, Brewer. Serve in a tumbler. Year round. Alc./vol. 8.2%. Brewed & bottled by Troegs Brewing Co. Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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