Palmetto Ipa, Wheat, Huger St 6 Ea

Local 843 Series brewer's choice. Thought-provoking wheat India pale ale. Pronounced hu gee. Palmetto Brewery first served Charleston's thirst in the 1850s, operating through the War of Northern Aggression, the earthquake of 1886, and a major hurricane; but the Brewery failed to survive prohibition. We resurrected the tradition it 1993, becoming the first brewery to operate in South Carolina since prohibition. Still located in the historic city of Charleston, our beer is truly handcrafted in small batches. Huger St. Wheat IPA: Our downtown Charleston version of a wheat India pale ale has a generous and inviting head that releases a sneak peek to the complexity beneath. Now, close your eyes and inhale the flora of Chinook hops which introduce you to the unique aroma of confederate jasmine, followed by subtle wafts of citrus and flowers provided by the Citra hops. Exhale, taste the hint of grapefruit along with a burst of tropical fruit. Take a deep, soulful drink and experience this mysterious and thought-provoking wheat India pale ale. Enjoy with food and friends! This vintage Sanborn fire map (circa 1888) shows the original Palmetto Brewery location and layout. Located between Market, Pinkney, Church and Anson streets, the original brewery provided craft beer in the thick of our bustling harbor town. Today, we remain a part of the historic city. Honoring this tradition, we invite you to join us for a tour and a refreshing Visit our website for locations and hours.

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